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  • duragen duragen Nov 22, 2004 9:45 AM Flag

    It's time to load up our short position

    I'm doubling down, Orathecin is a major disappiontment, for the longs who think a non approval is priced in, wrong, SUPG has probably spent 500 million and 10 years working on this drug. By the way Art, you see my short position in AGIX today, I love it so.

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    • bought more at the opening...but paid $48.06. It took over 10 minutes to get my confirm electronically, when normally have it in seconds.

      TASR is volatile for sure, but I'm now long 4k shares again.

      Did you buy?

    • FDA approval of generic paclitaxel gives SUPG no novel drug development credibility at all.

    • Rory I think SUPG drop is good because if no Orthacin approval the stock is already taking a hit. I am long on Dacogen so I am not gonna get all upset if Orthacin not approved. The FDA approval of that other drug at least gives SUPG management some legitamcy.

    • Now I have 7236 shares. I love this company and will buy more if it goes down.
      Tasr- today's low might have been the bottom due to the gap on Nov. 8. But I doubt it until the market tries to digest its gains into the week.
      Will be putting my 401k back to work after a few days out of the market. On Wednesday we will have alot of goverment BS and with the best days ahead time to make some money. Waiting for the outcome of supg but I personally think its alot of BS too. Play the stock not the news.
      FDA has there hands tied and approvals are becoming more difficult until this mrk, pfe, and so forth gets downplayed.
      Lexr is a interesting play.

    • Rory if Bruno right and this is another big sell off on TASR. If you could time the buy back in at right time... Well you could clean up big time if it went back to $60's.

    • Recall back when SUPG was a $70 stock that the CEO had everyone thinking that Rubitecan (now Orathecin) was the next Taxol. And it was in the midst of an incredible biotech rally. Recall companies like Protein Design Labs hitting $330 a share? Companies that had no products, just promise? Companies just like SUPG came crashing back to reality when data was poor and filing was delayed. Now fast forward a few years and people are valuing a company's merits a bit more rationally in biotech. Dr. Rubinfeld really pumped this company to unachievable levels and had to have orathecin come through big time for his credibility to remain intact. The good Dr. even named the fricking drug after his family! Now he is no longer involved, all the key development players are gone, and orathecin is left alone holding the cheese with data questionable enough where it probably even won't be approved in the seriously unmet market of pancreatic cancer.

    • Listen, buy as many shares as you want, its a free country. I don't need a PHD to realize the stocks gone from 80 to 6, Abbott Labs probably has many Oncologist's with PHD's that told them Orathecin wasn't very active. Why do you think ABT dumped Orathecin, answer me that?

    • Yes, I do remember her. You probably scared her away though. People on here have already debated the positive and negative aspects of Orathecin, so why repeat them? The facts are out and you made a decision based on them. Oh, that's such a logical decision to go short. If you had a PhD in oncology, maybe someone would respect your opinion since you claim you know more than anyone else here.

    • Actually the only other Yahoo ID I recognize from back then is RAD that still writes on this board, but do remember EAD, remember her.

    • Thats exact type of answer I was expecting, you can't debate me, and those "negative aspects" are all major reasons to short.

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