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  • gopforuandme gopforuandme Dec 9, 2004 4:50 PM Flag

    OT - Artie - I caved in...

    and put in a small buy order @ 9 after market close for AGEN... we'll see if it fills or if i missed the ride.

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    • Hope you get it. Can't remember what post, but someone on the AGEN board had a very factual and intelligent post on USB and their old target for ELN. Apparently, the guy said it woudld go to $3 or $4...Well???? I think he was WRONG!Also, the volume and increase the day after the USB downgrade shows that the street does NOT respect the downgrade and the opinion and that it was simply hedgefunds. AGEN is a another buy. Garo has a great reputation and the inside buys say it all to me.

      Good luck!

    • Gop "I caved in AH and putin a small buy order." Are you for real or full of shit. You csn pick agen at $8.90 easily tommorrow morning. Please stop making the traders on this board buy.
      If you didn't buy when he said it was a screaming buy 2 days ago you've missed a good run from $8.14 to $9.

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      • no, we're not related, and no, we're not the same person, and no, we're not two different personalities in the same body.

        actually i bought AGEN shorts @ 8.14 and then went long @ 8.25 and then sold my shorts @ 8.77 and bought more shorts @ 8.92 and held them overnight and i'll sell my shorts this morning around 9.10...

        sound familiar???? blow me roryrae. i'm not a day trading 1 mintues candle stick reading can't make up my mind if i'm long or short... i wanted to make sure AGEN fall was over... appears it is.