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  • roryrae roryrae Dec 9, 2004 8:48 PM Flag

    OT - Artie - I caved in...

    Gop "I caved in AH and putin a small buy order." Are you for real or full of shit. You csn pick agen at $8.90 easily tommorrow morning. Please stop making the traders on this board buy.
    If you didn't buy when he said it was a screaming buy 2 days ago you've missed a good run from $8.14 to $9.

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    • no, we're not related, and no, we're not the same person, and no, we're not two different personalities in the same body.

      actually i bought AGEN shorts @ 8.14 and then went long @ 8.25 and then sold my shorts @ 8.77 and bought more shorts @ 8.92 and held them overnight and i'll sell my shorts this morning around 9.10...

      sound familiar???? blow me roryrae. i'm not a day trading 1 mintues candle stick reading can't make up my mind if i'm long or short... i wanted to make sure AGEN fall was over... appears it is.