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  • yahoo yahoo May 10, 2005 9:50 PM Flag

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    • Your wrong its not valued at $7. It was
      $12 and CEO announced to sell shares
      then stock falls as investors did not like.

      Priced At a discount the buyer/investor. So they were discounted to the lower price.
      Supg's investors stayed clear believing
      those shares will be sold and price will
      go lower which they did as market also
      did'nt help much...

      It was Supg who in reality caused them to
      fall. It made it more attractive to find an investor to buy. Now Supg has their money
      and buyers have theirs.

      I am sure Supg realized their drugs
      were doing good at this point. A little
      slip of the tongue with information on the drug to the investors that could have been released prior at last conference would have keep stock price higher. At this point they had to give same informaton to the public.

      The stock price reversed and went up with
      the good drug news from the trial.

      So in reality if Supg was still at $12 instead of $6's before selling shares last month, we would have been at $18 last
      Friday instead of $12's right back were we started.

      So Supg must be undervalued at this point.

    • It's called momentum traders / Investors...don't fight the tape!