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  • roryrae roryrae Mar 4, 2006 11:50 PM Flag

    Gap got taken out at $5.03

    Me think we'll stay into the $4.75 to $5.25 uo to march 17. Large amount of puts and calls for march 5's. Me think there has to be buying around option expiration. ? Reasons...There is little or nil on the other options interest in both the calls and the puts. So if the options that expired both puts and calls are called upon large volume spike.
    Take a look at dsco stock. Someone once posted that dsco is up for a drug similiar to supg but closer in FDA decision, April 1. The stock has done a 180 since Dec. 15 or prior. Supg has done nothing and where into 2-1/2 months decision.
    Remember, the market makers do the opposite.
    People have mentioned on this board that there is no way approval will be earlier than May 15. Never say never.
    BTW can this stock be setting up for a non-approval. Sure, however the institutions will make a play in sending it up before sending it down. Its' all about the hype, so I stay put for now.
    And we have taken out a gap $5.03. What to expect within the next two weeks will be interesting.

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    • "approvable". Its exactly that, means that in general, if you, the sponsor organization do the following things, the NDA is approvable. Doesn't mean 100% but if you look back to companies who have recieved an approvable, they nearly always get approved after satisfying the minor needs. Dacogen will join the ranks as an approved drug. the revised PDUFA date is May 15. No one except insiders know of the actual minor deficiences.