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  • roryrae roryrae Aug 2, 2006 9:27 PM Flag

    I can't get out!

    You've mentioned that everytime you accept a new low it goes lower. The lowest for 52 weeks came on June 28 over a month ago. Whatcha been doing in the meantime, freaking out...
    I'm actually impress with what the company has been doing. However not impressive at all with the price. I still believe this stock will do fine if given time. I've set my clock for December however willling to hold till October 07. If no friutation than I'll sell.
    i've seen this time and time when the price goes lower only to goes above what people bought in at.

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    • Oh shut up already!
      I'm not going to dignify your BS a with a serious answer. You'd be better off trying to change your yahoo nick after all that crap you've pulled thus far.

      The fact is that even with fairly decent financial performance this stock can get no loving, and it may never get some. You better revert to your story of selling at $3.60 you wanker.

      Rest assured, I'll tell you once I finally get out and then we'll compare my next pick to your SUPG perfomance. And by the way, once I'll say I'm gone I will be gone and won't try tu pull your type sh,it.

    • > I've set my clock for December

      You f'in a'hole - your clock was set to October last time I checked. Why don't you f;ing set it to July while you're at it? You have no clue, do you? Goddamn moving target you've got there, that way you're "never" wrong.

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      • So you also admit that supg stock price will go up in the future huh. But the timeframe is alittle off. So what if the timeframe is off by 2 month, 3 months or even a year. As long as it goes up more than what I paid for...The federal reserve meets next week and if the interest has stop for time being I feel the market will lift itself till Christmas.
        All I know is that it will go up. And it will go higher than $7.