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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Aug 15, 2006 2:05 PM Flag

    Dacogen itself is worth 2x Supg

    These numbers were below the current estimates. The estimate was WW 750M and i used the 500M. There also was a figure that US sales could reach 700M and I used 250M. I accounted for competition. I believe WW sales will hit 1B....if current results continue. This drug has been received well and growth will continue. Looks like AML approval within a year, maybe soonier. EU approval usually follows U.S. approval. This ball has started rolling and you shorters can't stop it. Go find another 3.00 stock to pick on, your opinion is worthless. It's funny how some of these negative guys think they know so much. I figure they bought SUPG around $40 and sold for $8.00 and want it to crash so they can salvage some accomplishment in their lives. Otherwise they only have $1500.00 to short with and have to try to drag down a 3.00 biotech stock. I only have found one post so far were if you were long you may want to at least listen to his side. Most others post such non concrete B/S and have no intelligent remarks to back up their B/S. The markets drop 100 pts and Supg trades along with it and somehow they think they know everything. As a long on SUPG I know that soonier than later a announcement and the growth will reach SUPG bottom line and catch these idoits with their shorts down...then we never hear from them again. BUY, Buy, coming!!!!