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  • roryrae roryrae Aug 23, 2006 3:04 PM Flag

    I thought the mayne deal was good ?

    But others think this may not be good since supg is liquidating all of there assests. I wonder if supg will eventually sell the royalties from dacogen to mogn leaving them nothing except monitgen. I hope they don't due to inflow of cash.

    I was wondering if the EU had accepted the ophan drug status for dacogen, how long does it take for approval/disapproval ? And will we beat phrm vidaza to the punch line.

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    • I wonder if-and-when we may hear about the sale of Nipent rights for outside the U.S. Does anyone want to venture a guess as to if they are planning to keep Nipent as a 'core asset' for EX-USA?

      "Under the terms of the proposed transaction, Mayne Pharma will acquire all product rights, patents, registrations, trademarks, inventories and relevant supplier and customer contracts related to Nipent� in North America and SurfaceSafe(TM). The parties are working towards executing additional agreements for the acquisition of mitomycin, a cytotoxic cancer therapeutic, for the US market as well as any SuperGen rights to these products outside of the United States."

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      • The day after they bought the rights for nipent they announced a new patent on Nipent. They were very outspoken that this deal was for N.A. only. The eu is more open to stem cell research and this new patent is with bone marrow transplants. I'm hoping they stumbled on to something with this new patent. Maybe just dreaming but my gut tells me they want to retain the EU rights. Maybe they feel that they can grow this one internally? They have supergen euro and by selling off a piece they can reap the benefits in EU? Just trying to put the little pieces together.

    • I believe this deal is very positive for SUPG. However I think they need to explain were they're headed. I believe we'll hear more soon. If Dacogen growth continues, I don't think we have anything to worry about.

    • Look at the market today & look at the beta for the stock. 'Nuf said.

      The hairy cell leukemia drug & the wipes for cleaning chemo mixing surfaces are not core assets. The company mentioned in the CC they were selling off non-core assets to improve its balance sheet. Clearly the cleaning wipes are in that category & the company has decided hairy cell leukemia falls in that category also.

      I think dacogen would have to be considered a core asset. It's being considered for use in AML & possibly solid tumors. Those aren;t fascinomas like hairy cell leukemia or those stupid cleaning wipes.