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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Sep 5, 2006 6:24 PM Flag

    I love it

    All these experts on SUPG falling. I don't recall anyone of them predicting that it was a bargain buy at 3.00. However there all experts to sell it now. In fact had you listen to them at 3.00 and sold like they were saying then well you know what you'd missed. This was a good pullback that was needed. If it was going to tank it would of lost 20% today and that didn't happen. Were weeks away from Dacogen sales number, were close to a filing for MDS in europe. Trials for AML were very positive. I believe Nipent in EU will be handled by SUPG directly. This stock has just started and these so called experts will be silenced once SUPG breaks 6.00 by next quarter update. They never produce one concrete item to back there position. I believe most of them bought SUPG at 45-55.00 and took a bath. They just guess what's going to happen and once in awhile they get a pullback and they try to convince themselves and us that they're absolutely right. The sky's falling, the sky's falling.....see it everyday on these boards.

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