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  • roryrae roryrae Sep 5, 2006 9:08 PM Flag

    Give me a break....

    Sell, you got to be kidding...I was buying today at $4.68, $4.73. This stock is the best in challenging one's mind. I've learn so much from this stock alone and it continues to teach me how the game is played on unfair ground. Your playing by there rules which takes your money and kicks the weakling out of here.
    I hope my patience will pay off in the long run...
    What made you buy into this stock Billy ? Don't give me all the fluff, we all know what the company about. Yada yada yada...give me something I don't know...

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    • I bought this stock from 4.40 down to 3.07. I knew it was undervalued then and now. Your the one on both sides of the fence roryae. I've was long when it flirted with 3.00 and only a few of us stayed positive. Just go back and read old postings. You ask for some new information. Supg has to give us that. I believe that Dacogen will be used as a conbination drug and that's where real growth will come. I believe Montigen pipeline will be the continued growth in the future. What I haven't seen is anything concrete posted to question that believe. I read up on all trials, listen to all conferences and give it my best judgement call on this information. I read these postings and try to remind the average investor that this 4.75 stock has accomplished what only a handfull of small companies will ever equal. This is all I can ask from myself. However give us a break and realize when you post something like let's sell and buy at 4.25...then sell yourself. I believe that's what 2 others stated to you. I'm glad that your long term and also believe that these stocks get manipulated. However, the bottom line is that I want someone to step to the plate and demonstrate why SUPG is not a turn around company. NO B/S...I've heard all the PSS comments and bought because they had no real basis to back it up with. I estimate only a 2-5% of Supg stock owners read this post. However find it very encouraging that a few more analyst's have now started to recomment SUPG. Figure a good update by MOGN about growth of Dacogen and a few more will jump on board.