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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Sep 5, 2006 9:59 PM Flag

    Give me a break....

    I bought this stock from 4.40 down to 3.07. I knew it was undervalued then and now. Your the one on both sides of the fence roryae. I've was long when it flirted with 3.00 and only a few of us stayed positive. Just go back and read old postings. You ask for some new information. Supg has to give us that. I believe that Dacogen will be used as a conbination drug and that's where real growth will come. I believe Montigen pipeline will be the continued growth in the future. What I haven't seen is anything concrete posted to question that believe. I read up on all trials, listen to all conferences and give it my best judgement call on this information. I read these postings and try to remind the average investor that this 4.75 stock has accomplished what only a handfull of small companies will ever equal. This is all I can ask from myself. However give us a break and realize when you post something like let's sell and buy at 4.25...then sell yourself. I believe that's what 2 others stated to you. I'm glad that your long term and also believe that these stocks get manipulated. However, the bottom line is that I want someone to step to the plate and demonstrate why SUPG is not a turn around company. NO B/S...I've heard all the PSS comments and bought because they had no real basis to back it up with. I estimate only a 2-5% of Supg stock owners read this post. However find it very encouraging that a few more analyst's have now started to recomment SUPG. Figure a good update by MOGN about growth of Dacogen and a few more will jump on board.