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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Sep 6, 2006 12:38 PM Flag

    Too many ... negatives. Markets off today and SUPG will trade with the markets, until the Dacogen numbers are released. If you want to buy and sell and time this stock...good luck. It will jump soon-it's a no brainer. They already have stated sales are up. Anything in the range of 35-40M for 2006 will see a 15% move immediately. J&J was the key to getting EU approval partner in our corner. Nipent lastest trial very promising. Three new recommendations the past week. If Dacogen numbers grow so will this stock, again no brainer. Now I expect you blasters to jump on this and your B/S will not fly here. Research and show us something negative besides this feabile attempt to make a short pullback into something more than that. You can't so you have to resort to pathetic attempts that you have any clue to a growth company. You hate the fact that you were not in tune on this latest climb and you will be sleeping when it continues. It was nice when you couldn't repeat your B/S that you stated when it was 3.07 and you predicted it was going lower. Great call then and great call now.