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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Sep 20, 2006 5:32 PM Flag

    ARCH conference

    What I like about this conference at the end of it is a question and answer about presentation. Usually some good questions about direction and pipeline. We should get some new items tomorrow. Mogn has a conference next week ...hopefully some expansion on numbers. Still see 2006 sales around 35M-42M. Someone posted that Dacogen had 16% of the market. However at the latest conference CEO stated that they had 29% and growing double digit and competitor falling single digit. Looking for update on EU filing for Dacogen for MDS. I believe the broad label allows for Dacogen to be sold EU and also believe that Cilag would be ready by Oct 12 to start marketing it. Before bashers jump all over this item about selling in EU please research your opinion. This was discussed at Mogn analyst meeting.

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    • They cutoff the question and answer portion. Hope when it's replayed it was recorded. Main points...Orathecin likely to enter into a deal ,stated updates`on Dacogen sales shortly,Nipent sale EU should be concluded 3rd quarter and stated that an awakening on SUPG will happen.

      One other point was that Dacogen was stated that it is one of five most promising drugs to reach market. Hopefully someone heard the question and answer and can update us on what was stated.

    • You can listen to it at 2PM ET on Supg web page. We should get some bone tossed to us today. Hopefully a wishbone....

    • There is no reason to bash the selling dacogen in EU. For heaven's sake the FDA approved the freaking thing...I would be utterly shocked if the EU doesn't approve it. What I want to hear about is the sale of Nipent in the EU. Come on baby get it sold for 18M! That would be awesome in my opinion.

      I think I have this right but maybe someone can explain to me if I'm wrong, isn't the 51M in cash before the North America sale of Nipent? That means SUPG actually has 85M in cash right? Someone tell me if I'm wrong.