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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Nov 15, 2006 2:10 PM Flag

    First quarter 2007

    Rory, first of all my estimate was right on the mark last quarter. The company choose to defer that 12.2M and report a lose. No one saw that coming. This estimate I provide today clearly states that with these certain events that some have been announced and some are speculative...but realistic in nature. Your feeling got hurt because I pointed out how wishy washy you are on your post. You are a goof ball...and it may look like I hype a stock....but again look at the numbers and poke holes in them. This is a message board fool and I'm posting my estimate. Take those numbers and calculate your own numbers from it. This is what I see coming and if I'm right....we make money.

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    • Based on the last 4 quarters expenses were 41.8 Mil
      Dec 05 - 11.2Mil
      Mar 06 - 9.4Mil
      Jun 06 - 9.8Mil
      Sep 06 - 11.4Mil

      It seems like a big surprise with biotechs are R&D expenses at earnings time. Where did you get 32Mil est. for '07 expenses?


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      • Latest quarter update. The company broke out expenses and cost savings. I can't see expense being higher than 10M per quarter, but first quarter will be 8.0m to 8.5M. Good question f8. My figures are for starters and consideration. Just to open your eyes and welcome any insight into them. I believe the Nipent EU will happen and Dacogen approval MDS EU will happen next year.