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  • freetoquestionu freetoquestionu Nov 17, 2006 9:08 AM Flag

    You be the judge

    Very concise Billy,

    Both sides of the argument represented. The list of positive items that need to be monitor for progress. I think it's important to watch the insiders and what they are doing. Looks like no insider selling and the bashers would of pointed any out to us. Company is projected by a few to come up short next year....with the facts as we understand them today. But no real news on any misses here. Company looks like they have some ducks in a row and may announce several items that would change these estimates. The company has become leaner and Dacogen is growing by all accounts. So I believe we see the worst case scenerio by some analysts. If certain deals go through and asset is sold or approval's are gained we can easy hurdle the 11M projected loss next year. If there were any guarantees in the stock market we would not make any money. Just got to keep are eye's and ears open and do our DD. You have put in front of the bashers a nice list to there a smoking gun? Basher's just don't get it....we actually want to find something that's detrimental to our position to take profits. At least I do...their challenge and ours is to discover it. Point a finger at an arbitrary report next year is not sufficient...when you have so many items that could change that landscape. For a brief second yesterday the basher's showed some promise of actually doing a little DD. They fell short by not including one item that they could say positive. In the hearts and minds of the longs we want both sides so we can make a investment decision.