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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Dec 20, 2006 6:23 PM Flag

    1st quarter numbers

    12.2M Was derferred due to some accounting issue.

    20.0M Was to be received over 5 years, but had an acceleration clause if Mayne was bought out. The acceleration was for 14M and the remaining 6M will come at a later date. The 1.8M I believe some was realized 3rd quarter and some costs offset with Mayne.

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    • 12.2 million deferred gains -
      The deferred net gain and related contingencies, which are estimated at $12.2 million, are included on the balance sheet and classified as a deferred gain on sale of products to Mayne Pharma. The deferral of the gain is primarily due to a price protection contingency that is currently not estimable. The Company will determine the actual amount to be recognized once the price protection contingency is determined or can be reasonably estimated.

      I never knew about the special clause if mayne was ever sold than payments would be accelerated. Good to know.
      However thses items are to be recorded in 1st quarter. We have one more quarter to go.

      Also orthecin needs to be dished off, its a loser. Any news on orthecin being given away for any amount is a godsend.

      I've posted this before that the month of December is dead in terms of price range $4.50 -$5.25. Next year Jan. and Feb. will be the telling tale. Just remember what I said about next year.

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      • Rory,

        At last several conferences CEO made statements specifically about Orathecin and another one of it's pipeline drugs. Orathecin didn't fail because of some bad side just didn't quite meet the endpoints that would get it approved. Now the CEO could of not mentioned this drug at all, but instead has discussed it several times about being involved in spinoff. You mentioned that it would be a godsend that they get any amount for it. I think this is a very narrow minded opinion, the godsend my friend would be if they can find a way to combine it and get it approved. This is a serious cancer and to get this drug back into clinicals with/without a partner would be great news. This is the kind of stuff in a bio that can be a homerun. Go back and read up on Orathecin and results, it showed promise and I believe that Climb may of shown what may suceed here. Your point on Jan/Feb make or break sounds to simple. Dacogen growth will be for years and pipeline results won't be know for years. I have a hard time with your limited thinking. The fact that you posted today that you didn't know about acceleration clause on Mayne buyout....this has been posted by myself and other longs no less than twenty times in the past few months and you are first understanding or hearing about it....there's always one guy who thinks because he has owned the stock for a long time that he has a better understanding of it, but in reality they have the least understanding of it. This maybe you Rory, before you have the hessy fit....reread some of your posts.

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