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  • larry_is_a_freekin_genius larry_is_a_freekin_genius Dec 29, 2006 10:41 PM Flag



    Happy new year losers!!!!!

    you would have been way better off buying a dow etf than this loser!!!

    supg up zero for the year !!!

    larry up 21% on his short at $6.40 !!!

    see you next year for more fun you sorry bagholders!!!!

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    • OMG I just read where Larry stated that he shorted 30,000 shares of supergen @ 6.40. I looked at the chart and his short position went to 3.00 and he saids that he still is holding them. Wow, I can't believe he would be that careless. What the heck were you thinking, Larry. This company is on the verge of taking it to the next level, do you plan on losing it all? Larry use a profession management company, just to protect you from you. I have never heard of anyone making such a mistake. You don't even make an attempt to hide your stubborness...and I'm being nice in choosing that term. Good luck in 2007, your going to need it.

    • Funny math has you down $60,000.00 on your short position in 2006. Yeah your a genius alright....dumbest ass on this board...I hope your new years resolution this year is to come up with intelligent aliases? Mcly96,Justinplake,plaus,rooting and exposing larry as an idoit...just don't work. Supg up 64% in 2006 and will be up anouther 64% by June. June 30....SUPG will be 8.28! Hopefully at 6.40 you cover and you will have lost $99,900.00 and will get vote Yahoo's most ignorant investort in 2006 and 2007. Unprecedented genius!

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      • Larry,

        What's wrong with you. You piss away 60K and think somehow your right? Time magazine has voted you moron of the year. This board is laughing at you. Supg headed towards 10.00...but you go ahead and short some more...we all need the laugh. Since August I've read your crap and made money betting against you. Early 2007 company will make some incrediable does it feel to miss a gainer like this one. Heard that your brokerage company's favorite line is, when one of their clients has a nice profit...they say to them "don't pull a Larry" hogs get slaughtered....larry the freckin can't hide that tail larry!