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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Jan 22, 2007 8:26 AM Flag

    MOGN Buying SUPG

    The recent article discussed the concept of trusts being formed to buyout companies like SUPG. These trusts are formed to collect the royalities on drugs. MGI was mentioned in article and the CEO shrug off the idea, but the thought was given to MGI that some trust might go after SUPG for Dacogen royalities. I believe MGI is in a sticky situation on Aloxi sales, if they have to continue to agressively give rebates for the next 5 months, the stock price is going to fall. Why not take the hit on price and get something for it...full U.S. rights to Dacogen and 140M in cash and milestones. It all depends on how confident MGI is on the Dacogen franchise. If 750M WW sales in two years....then this deal will probably happen.

    By the way Larry...if 10.00 deal happens you will have to cover $108,000 losses on that short position.

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    • buyout talk. This stock will get to 20.00 on it's own. I agree on MGI woes, and aloxi problems are real and will continue to hurt. Dacogen has done everything that could be asked for and more. Alternative dosing, AML and WW sales are year away. At 500M WW sales SUPG gets approx. 150M in royalities...less the 50M they piss away. That leaves 100M profit...making this a 45.00 stock. With pipeline in place...I like our chances long term. Just my opinion and understand that MGI will have to do something if Aloxi continues to lose market share. CEO recent behavior does indicate something is up. Just think the Dacogen franchise is worth a lot more than 10.00 per share, guess that's why someone would pony up now with 10.00.