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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Mar 15, 2007 9:10 AM Flag

    32 million vs 27 million

    2007 Numbers should be higher:

    11.2M Deferred gain on sale of Nipent
    10.3M Acceleration clause
    3.25M Nipent EU sale
    17.1M Dacogen Royalities -Low end
    3.5M Interest Income

    45.35M Revenues 2007

    We will take a little hit this morning, but institutions will swallow it up. We'll end up around 5.25 today. Like one poster stated it nicely...announcements coming. Mgi stated today that the MDS markets growing 35% per year and Dacogen has better data, better ease of use. The other key point presented today and confirms what Dr. Manuso hinted at, trials are on going in U.S and EU on AML, this leads me to believe that JNJ will file for both MDS and AML around the same time. This makes sense to get the best labeling posibile in EU, takes a little longer but comes out of the blocks fast. MGI has Dacogen projections Greater than 250M...and I believe we see 300M projections by end of the year. Spinout company will be funded with outside money and not by SUPG, this is very important, shareholders will get a piece of new company for nothing. Here's a question for longs, was Orathecin a capsule form drug? They have change the web page and listed it as a phase II drug and now states it's in a capsule form. I wasn't around back then so I'm not sure of how it was administered. I'm probably looking for someone's opinion outside Rory, since after his post I would have to do to much work correcting it. Sorry Rory, just a fact of life. Long term we will move higher.