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  • sls101284 sls101284 Mar 21, 2007 4:09 PM Flag

    what to take of supg today?

    The more I think of it I really believe that the 3 day volume and price hike was due to some mutual fund buying probally. I do not think it is due to a rumor or anything. Supg seems to have returned to normal volume and normal price swing.

    If it was because of a buyout or someother blockbuster event I don't think we would see volume die and price stabalize.

    Just my 2 cents. I think we may have to wait till next qtr results before we have major movement.

    What to do all feel?

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    • Disagree, a bit.

      1. The stock is holding it's price level just fine.

      2. Volume is still strong at this price level. Yesterday we were still at double the average volume, and today we are at about 55% above average volume.

      I still think that these are signs of accumulation. Somebody out there is buying stock, enough to hold the price level and still keeping volume substantially above the average level.

      3. The options activity is also noteworthy. Look at the open interest, compare it to a couple weeks ago. There is no comparison. There are some very large bets being placed on SUPG going up, look at the calls.

      SUPG has in no way "returned to normal."

      Just my opinion.

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      • Ticker today did not reveal any trades greater than
        11000 shares (that I noticed). If funds are buying they are doing so incrementaly. The real action will start if SUPG anounces a partnership on MP529. That would put quarterly EPS in the black from now on. The more they diverify earnings streams via partnerships, royalties on Dacogen etc. the stronger the stock will get. Nipent defered revenue should be recognized in the next quarter is my guess, sales of Dacogen will accelerate above conservative guidance the company predicts. Also remember MP470 could turn out to be a real blockbuster, plus good science provided by CLIMB makes this a stock to accumulate. Be patient, good things happen to those who wait!