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  • desseree69 desseree69 Apr 25, 2007 6:26 PM Flag

    I don't which I am more confused about?....

    The stock price or the postings? Rory must be at it again, making people angry with his so called logical postings?! I have put him on ignore for a few weeks, and I'll tell you, I am thankful for that option! The only thing I am bummed out about is the price of our SUPG! It's gone from one extreme to another. I will just hold on, and hope the street will soon realize within the next year or so that this company has a lot of potential, and a lot of developments up and coming?! I still believe in them, just hoping the street will acknowlege them soon too?!
    Why don't you all do yourself a huge favor and put Rory on ignore, cause frankly our board will be much better off for everyone, if we did'nt have to read all the postings about him and his so called ideas/stupidity!!!

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    • The rah rah go supg board.

    • Hang tight. SUPG has a superior cash position for this size BIO. They were smart enough to recognize CLIMB as a the cash cow that will crank out new drugs on a regular basis.
      Even if the next few days are bad for the stock the smart money keeps accumulating these shares. Next earnings call will confirm that we are riding a winner.

    • Everybody relax. Today's announcement explains a lot about the way the stock has been trading lately. Today, for example, everytime the stock price came close to 6.75 someone put a huge order on ask. By the stock closing at 6.59 vs 6.75, the milestone payout increased by over 36,000 shares. The stock should trade without so much upside resistance.

      Second, the stock is coming close to its 30 day moving average after the large move up the past couple months. This should provide a point of entry for a lot of technical traders. Finally, fundamentally this company is very solid, it has a very powerful process for developing drugs, and has begun establishing relationships with large pharma. The future looks good. Everyone has gotten caught up with Rory and the short term. Let him have his day in the sun. Anyone who shorts speculative stocks (especially ones with a beta over 5), more times then not are going to get burned. Let him enjoy his moment. Our moment is not far away and will be much more rewarding. Also, the stock is still up almost 40% the past three months.

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      • Well said Zoomie! :)

      • This is by far the best post I have ever read. You nailed the 36,000 share difference. Jelly you want me to quantify my statement on MP-470. Simple...they have a drug that will have virtually no toxocity level issues, they have a drug that will actually lower other therapies toxocity levels. They have shown where this drug with terceva abolishes prostate cancer, has a bio marker to identify candidates for treatment. The ability to be combined with anticancer platinum agents to improve these drugs benefits.
        Supg wants to take this one up the line, they have a star here. Name a single drug that can do this. Supg is on the cutting edge because of CLIMB...time will tell but this drug is the real deal.

      • I believe in this stock long-run, but just to be cautious I sold 1/3rd of my holdings today (I bought in the low 5s) to ensure a profit and then bought some Jan 09 calls at 10 to replace those shares. Interestingly, the short interest in this stock is pretty high - approximately 4.2 mm shares - which could actually be a very good thing if the stock starts to trend upwards (even slowly) as they will be forced to cover. Look what happened to Amazon today. While I realize SUPG is not in the same class, all of today's movement was the shorts covering. I won't be buying anymore at this point, but I am definitely holding on for the long term. I think the downward movement today is based on so many people wanting to hear real news, rather than less significant news. Just human nature.

      • zoomie you got that right and i intend to keep my 40% i made thus far. as for free go argue with rory you and him have much in commen. you both make crazy statements. and rory has got you free you cant stop argueing wirh him another sign of youthful dumbness as for being old yes i am experienced i will say .. you have none no respect no experience so somebody has to break your nose a few times before you gain any. and with the way you approach things it will happen often. at this point i also hope its more painful then my broke noses were. i hope your right on the mov zoomie but the darn vol has been increadable thats my worry a dip on less volume i could live with but i fear the trend maybe downward. and if it gets down to 6.40 that 15% off the high and a bad sign to me . i wish i had the magic ball to tell me to sell at 6.90 but i dont well tomorrow we shall see. sleep well free after all its free. joeyw1

    • Where do you buy that book "charts for old farts". I want to become paranoid everytime a stock moves up or down. Today we received the best news possible...MP-470 in clinics. If you took the time to read the posted info SUPG supplied you should be jumping up and down. This drug will fly through trials and will be approved. Yes big words and scared money will not share in it. This will all make sense to you someday when you look in the paper 2-4 years from now and see SUPG at 50+.

    • Desseree,

      Todays action I believe was just your common buy on rumor sell on the news. No bad news. I listen to PHRM report and no big news either way on Dacogen. It looks like a material benefit can be reached on trials of both companies drugs in respect to survival and term to progression. PHRM is in a study with 360 patients and JNJ is in a study with 220 patients. I have to look into this a little bit more. Good choice on silencing the lamb. Earning's date should be announced and stock will move as we approached that date. The street will get it right, it has so far.

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      • Thank you for your imput Free, always appreciated! :)

      • ok free explain yesterdays selloff 80% below 6.75 it was a battle yesterday and we longs lost ground but the trend is downward. unless something happens over night and it changes i truly hope it does but all charts point downward they have been for 2 to 3 weeks we bucked the analisis as we were way overbought and the street tends to go overboard both ways and should go to the oversold point around 6 even. no thanks i will sit that part out and if it gaps up on some news i will reenter odds of that happening are slim. so your fundimentals will cost you because you cant fight the tape joeyw1