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  • akhanna123 akhanna123 May 2, 2007 5:03 PM Flag

    Where is Free gone???


    Hey buddy where did you go all the shit about analyzing the company and you look like a dumbass now.

    I guess thats why you don't get paid to make predictions.

    You honestly think your numbers are realistic. It pisses me off more then anything when you sit here and put down other people like you are the know it all. If this company is going to make all this money, you think wall street wouldn't buy up this stock.

    I don't own a penny of this shit stock. I did but I sold a few weeks ago, but I wanted to come on here when earning came out just so i could tell you to


    There are 100,000's of companies that will eventually be worth money, but in the short term SUPG ain't going to be one of them. Stop trying to sell this stock. The only thing that will save this shithole in the near term is a buyout. They have a LONG road ahead of them and one shit drug ain't going to make this a $30 share and as for all the drugs in the "pipeline" we all know how few actually pan out in the biotech world.

    Dacogen is a drug that will do well in the short run but will quickly die off as will the patients that need it. It is not a mainstream drug and never will be. Many analyst predict the market for dacogen will die over the short term and it will not get many new patients.

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    • I would also like to know why Rory comes on in here and all his his alias' ?! If you don't like the company or the people on here ,it makes no sense in being in here?! You just don't make sense dude?!!! But then again, nothing surprises me with you! Just go away!
      I say this should be a "BAN RORY AND ALL HIS ALIAS BOARD" ! He's just really nasty and unprofessional!

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      • Desserree, thanks. I have no problem with Rory and Larry bashing me. I'm a big boy and I can dish it out and better be able to take it. I put my self out there and truly expected SUPG to record these amounts in the first quarter. The deferred amount was stated in the third quarter 06, that SUPG expected to record it in the first quarter, well they are on record that it will hit second quarter. Looking back, SUPG has a history of moving these things to later quarters. They eat the bad news immediately and hold on to the good news. Everytime they do this we find a new high shortly after. Just my observation. I want to listen to re-broadcast on earnings and figure out how they grew cash. They talked about Mp-470 and I want to carefully listen to that portion again. The company drops hints on partnerships at everyone of the calls, one poster stated I was misleading the board. I'm just repeating what they stated. That same person posted info a few weeks ago that Dacogen had broken the 11M mark monthly sales, well he now knows that it's closer to 8M then 11M. This is a board to discuss ideas and riddles. We are going to be wrong from time to time and right sometimes. If we wait to it's old news, then we chase a stock or hold to long. I try to post what I believe is the truth as I know it. If you think I'm full of B/S put me on ignore.

    • You know , we all know your Rory, just trying to put Free down! Your weird enough to do that! So stop with your profanity and low life comments, for you come across just like Rory! So leave us be Rory, and try another board!!!
      When people use that kind of talk and show that kind of attitude, you only make yourself look bad!!!

      Bye Rory!

    • Rodman and Renshaw put out a report after the call headlined an Eventful Quarter. Subheadline Pipeline Packs Punch maintain one year price target of $24.Otherwise a rehash of the call

      Again I maintain none of the big institutional investors care about which quarte Nipent revenue is recognized its a one timer and doesnt provide growth. You're all to hung up on numbers that mean nothing At this point only Dacogen royalties and burn rate are important along with pipeline progress. Heres my read 2007 will be close to breakeven give or take a penny or two. Year end we'll have 1.75 t0 1.85 in cash per share (Which makes roryraes 2 buck prediction next to impossible. Its all about increasing Daacogen sales, new indications from ongoing clinicals and european registrations which will generate additional milestones and royalties along with pipeline progress . Hourly analysis of stock price is not healthy

      To Free I enjoy reading your stuff BUT I think its not right to claim you "feel a partnership" coming I think that kind oomment is misleading.

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      • About the $1.75 a share in cash by the end of the year, you got to be kidding. Wait till the end of the year, money will be needed to supply the drug trials. They will screw up as usual unless given to someone else. And about the supg being $2, look at what the company is worth $1.19 + $1.50(cash) = $2.69. Watch and learn.

    • Free analysis was actually not flawed. This company after listening to all their past conference calls is very conservative, which is good. The 11.75M Deferred gain on Nipent U.S. sale from last year was not recorded as revenue. It was mentioned in the conference call duing the Q and A. Plus, they still have additional "cash" (will not call it revenue) on the Nipent U.S. sale. If you look the company took a loss of 3.3 million, yet their cash and cash equivalents increased over 7 million. Balance sheet is a lot stronger. I admit I was wrong. I thought the Nipent sales would be revenue showing a profit for the quarter. It was not. But they did give guidance that indicated they would not drain on their cash and cash equivalents, and still be able to put two drugs in IND. They also did not include any partnerships or sale of non-core assets in their guidance, which would add significantly to the bottom line. All of which they have indicated they plan on accomplishing.

      Obviously you don't agree. THis is a speculative stock and I still think by the end of the year I will be happy with my investment.

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      • Thanks zoomie and billy.

        I learned a little lesson on SUPG reporting. Apparently Mayne pharma didn't send the money in the quarter that I expected. Last quarter the street got it right and have faith tomorrow the street sees the whole picture. The 75M is excellent and second quarter sounds like it will increase another 8-8.5M. Check my numbers out though I'm a little gun shy. I put myself out there and expect the bashers to have a good time with it. If you understand this stock, you see I missed by a quarter.

    • Akhanna or should I just call you Larry. In my defense they moved all this revenue to second quarter. But it's nice you checked back in with us. But Larry use your real name...that's right you can't because you pissed away 100K shorting SUPG. You got your dig in and it's nice talking to you Larry.

    • Thank you for this comment.