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  • batzem batzem Jun 20, 2007 8:25 PM Flag

    MGI Poster on Dacogen Sales

    I got hold of IMS numbers April sales were 10.2 mil March IMS sales were 12 mil but remember the last month in the quarter usually has 4 or 5 more selling days. The comparable IMS number for Jan and Feb were 9.5 and 9.4. mil. Thats where the 31 mil IMS number comes from. So.....even if you extrapolate those numbers down to get to the 23.1 mil I believe Dacogen is still growing and not declining as stated by OncInc. This also jibes with MGI statement second quarter sales were strong. Sales numbers for May not available till the very end of June. Hope this sheds some light on the situation.

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    • Batzem,

      We can always count on you. Why does the IMS number differ so much with actual sales numbers? I also believe that there are usually some nice discounts and net 30 days that maybe taken advantage by doctors, so the last month in the quarter may see the largest purchases. If you also compare this number to:

      Jan. 9.5M April 10.2M
      Feb. 9.5M May ?
      Mar.12.0M June ?


      Jan. 7.5M
      Feb. 7.0M
      Mar. 8.6M


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      • Free

        Basically IMS numbers are not that accurate when it comes to non drug store dispensed products . I dont know if its because they dont capture rebates or what. But I do think they are reflective of the trend. And I think the trend is our friend May and Junes numbers will obviously be telling. Im hanging my hat and for now a lot of my cash on MGI's statements. Also have conifdence that resulta of ADOPT trial will goose thngs substantially. Good things come to those who wait Im even betting Rory will be gone in 6 months .What a nice Christmas present.