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  • lltinvest lltinvest Aug 2, 2007 7:26 PM Flag

    Vidaza Study and CC

    Well just as I thought! Those rascals did not recognize all of the Mayne/Hopira Income. Time for a new CFO ! Manuso should have said in last CC they were going to defer this revenue. Seen it before and will see it again...4M shares traded today, down 15% +/- down yesterday (yes Virginia there is such a thing as wisper numbers). Just a disgrace!
    Well I am headed out for a Big Mac....well make that a happy meal. Anyway folks the sun will still come up Friday morning and those poor people in Minnianapolis have it tougher! So I will toast Rory tonight for his insightful and accurate predictions and curse the CFO who needs to learn that a dollar recognized today is better than a dollar recognized next quarter...or some unknown future date. Dr. Maunuso, Please Doc, fire that whole finance department and find a real CFO. Find a CFO who has heard of share value maximization theory.

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    • Illtnvest,

      You get your information wrong as much as rory did when he tried to read and listen to these reports. Third quarter supg gets 1.8M cash from milestones on nipent sales (NEW CASH). The $6M in the forth quarter is all NEW CASH. This was held by Mayne from the accelerated clause and it's all new money, not deferred. You have the same exact reading and hearing comprehesion problem Rory has. How can two people have the exact same problem and proudly post inaccurate info???? The theory on same sperm donater, my guess Alfred E. Neuman. Tomorrow we may see a nice turn around just like last quarter.

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      • Deb your absolutely correct. All new money....$7.8M over the next two quarter. I also liked that Md Andersen is pushing out Dacogen to possibily 12-24 cycles on the ADOPT. That will be published soon. This data sets up for a snda and as worded by CEO that MD Andersen stated "remarkable response rate".

        I agree very similar reading comprehesion problem that Rory holds. How many times did I correct Rory over the past year? Also since Rory failed to short SUPG, I now have his total at leaving on the table in excess of $160,000.

      • Don't shoot the messenger. I was the one who posted the defered Hospira/Mayne monies. I have not gotten a chance to relisten to the CC. I was commenting on the fact the CFO still said we had revenues from Hospira/Mayne. I was under the impression that was already recognized in 2Q. I was wrong. Again I will reread the past filing and relisten to the CC. Moot point in the long run. Plus, I don't think Illtninvest deserves the constant comparison to rory. Illtnivest seems like a level headed individual. Sorry for the misinformation.

        Overall, I agree with you that we will see a turnaround over the upcoming weeks. I am still very positive in my outlook for SUPG, despite the today's events.

      • >The theory on same sperm donater, my guess Alfred E.

        Please do not insult A.E. Neuman. While he may have been at the shallow end of the gene pool he was still in the pool. (He may be the direct ancestor of a number of our current political leaders -- but I digress.)