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  • lltinvest lltinvest Sep 1, 2007 7:24 PM Flag

    Whatever happened to MP 371?

    I never hear about this compound anymore. Does it have any value or has it been made obsolete by other SUPG or competitor compounds.

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    • Mp-371 is a multi inhibitor. There was talk early that one of the pipeline drugs would be involved in spinout with orathecin and new delivery technology. We will have to wait and see. My gut tells me SUPG is putting together something special that will surprise us all. When Manuso went on record of this being a buying opportunity, although I am offended by this comment, I just feel that he made this comment because soomething important is developing. He also made this comment to SUPG largest institutional investor. CEO's are always conscious of their wording, because anything they state can be over exaggerated one way or the other. We have 4 presentations over the next few weeks, so I think SUPG unvails the last of the divestigers. Again just a feeling I have.

      One other point on spinout. The biggest growth area will be new delivery technology. Another point to remember supg is working on the first protein on protein compound and a cholestrol drug. A breakthrough could come from a direction no one is expecting. I suggest when you have extra time review end of year 10-k, it mentions this delivery technologys. Good news is coming, either in the form of great results from Dacogen, pipeline drug moving to next stage and spinout. Just takes time and I would rather hear this news around the same time ADOPT news is released and EU news.