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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Nov 14, 2007 11:09 AM Flag

    The Debate

    Does Vidaza win the debate?

    Their drug takes signaficantly more cycles to produce results, however it may hold the advantage on survival. Dacogen works faster and harder and obtains results in one/two cycles. Dacogen can be administered at home and vidaza more on a outpatient type setup. I would wager that most patients are on medicare that receive this care and the fee's are set. This in my opinion favors Dacogen's home/nurse administering, since it inconviences the Md';s the least. There's also a very big psychological measurement that the md's and patient experience. The measurement for progression or response is 22 parimeters for complete response. Let's say slowly vidaza gets you there 15% of the time, now Dacogen comes along with Adopt response of let's say 40%, now by all indications after just a few cycles both the patient and Md's see the only measurement available, well IMO that goes along way to mentally dealing with this cancer. I believe it's important to see some results early in this treatment, to be told that it will take 7-9 cycles of the other guy's drug to get to where maybe 2-4 cycles of home administering, which we all know is opreferred to any patient. I see some strong reasons to opt for Dacogen, specially is ADOPT news is big on RESPONSE!

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