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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Feb 25, 2008 6:12 PM Flag


    Dr. M has to be feeling the heat. Will they provide anything new and positive???? Just looks like they will remain in mode of hinting at some positive data out of EORTC.

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    • No insider has bailed, they have probably lost in valuation greater than this board put together. Manuso is either showing full confidence in Dacogen trial or Mp-470. Earlier trials showed this 10 month benefit and I believe Manuso has confidence that we will see a similar response in this trial. Md's have stayed loyal and I believe this is the greatest evidence that these doctors understand and have witnessed results superior to standard care and it doesn't take a trial for these md's to realizing a survival benefit. They see it daily and remain loyal. That's probably some of the feedback that they can monitor, through md anderson and other clinics. Yes, Manuso should of done more on the surface, but we do not know what's being reported behind the scenes. We do know that these analyst have researched this and stated that doctors have stayed loyal to Dacogen. I believe that's the information that's being looked at the hardest.

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      • Insiders sold 47,000 shares, not correct

      • Come on free... That's pie in the sky. What's the deal? You are free to question me but you are not free to question management?

        <<Earlier trials showed this 10 month benefit and I believe Manuso has confidence that we will see a similar response in this trial.>>

        Then he should say so. The safe harbor language that is boilerplate among 90% of press releases would protect both him and the company from liability. And it would serve shareholders both present and future for management to defend the stock.

        I don't believe a CEO should have his eyes glued to the share price. Nor should his motivations be geared toward the share price. But he does have some obligation to the shareholder's investment.

        Think about it. If this were a $75 company whose price dropped to $25 shareholders as well as many news organizations would be demanding an explanation. Why don't we get one?

        You keep referring to circumstancial evidence for a successful trial result, and I keep seeing the same thing. Dacogen's market share has risen steadily ever since it gained approval. Doctors are staying loyal with it, and it is the final hope for many patients.

        So why doesn't the company say something about that? What is so dangerous about emphasizing reality?

        <<Yes, Manuso should of done more on the surface, but we do not know what's being reported behind the scenes.>>

        And this is precisely where management is failing its shareholders. What's the big secret? WHY don't we know what is going on? The silence communicates a completely different message from what you are preaching. (BTW, the phrase is "should have" not "should of.")

        <<We do know that these analyst have researched this and stated that doctors have stayed loyal to Dacogen.>>

        So why aren't THEY out there communicating this message? The only analysts Wall Street has heard from in the past two months have been negative reports. I believe that SUPG has Lazard in its back pocket. Why doesn't Lazard issue some sort of rebuttal?

        I could go on about this, but I don't want to be negative. We are invested in a company whose price simply has to be at rock bottom. Anyone who buys here is stealing money.

        But why do I feel like I am losing 75% of my investment.

        Why do I need to be the poster child for the expression, "I've been down for so long it looks like up to me."

    • Dr. M has been taking so much crap that Yahoo won't even let his name be spelled on the board! LMAO

    • I am afraid you are right. The silence from upper management is deafening.

      Let's see...

      In August we had PHRM release news of survival data - no response from SUPG management.

      In October we had PHRM and CELG agree to a merger.

      In November we had MOGN and EASAI agree to a merger - no infrmation from SUPG management as to how this affects them.

      In December we had ASH conference - only the most technical of press releases from SUPG and only with regard to pipeline drugs.

      In January Manuso met with Japanese owners of MOGN - no announcement from management. They didn't even tell the public this meeting occurred.

      Throughout January and February, hedge fund analysts have been pumping the daylights out of PHRM at the expense of SUPG's EORTC trial - no response from management.

      I am beginning to see a pattern here.

      What is most infuriating is that the share price has been in a steady downtrend solely on speculation. Seeing the downtrend, management has been not only unresponsive, not only unconcerned, they have also been secretive. It would have taken only the simplest of press releases to soothe the nerves of nervous investors but they have chosen to keep us in the dark.

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      • Typical of most biotech mngt...generally a bunch of assholes.

        If you don't get overextended or impatient, and time your purchases well while keeping plenty of dry can be positioned for the upward move and make a ton of money.

        SUPG is absolutely one of the best bets in biotech...they have an approved product and are incredibly undervalued.

        If we are lucky we will all be given the opportunity to buy 20% cheaper. If you can't look forward to that opportunity then you are most likely overextended already.

      • Just a wayyyy out thought I had this evening....what if they cannot offer any information right now,because something quite wonderful is in the works?! I know when my ex husband's company was working on something big, it was a shock when it was revealed. The public stock holders were in a position as we are in, no news, and stock price was going down quite a bit, then POW!!! The news was released and the stock rose big time. (BTW, it was based on a buy out) The other thought was, there must be a solid reason as to why managment's bonuses have gone up?! Mmmmmmm? Maybe I'm just having some positive thoughts...I'd like to think though that I may be on to something here?. At times silence can be golden.... ;) Mmmmmmmmm....

      • These junkets, er I mean "conferences" have produced NOTHING! Only lazy fools could not have made a deal by now. How long has this been going least the 18 months I have been involved with this stock. The EORTC approval will not help us very much as long as Dacogen is our main source of revenue. Dr. M. has to go. At this point it would be worth 1M just to get him out the door...and fast! Please let the board find and select a real dealmaker!

      • it is a increased liability risk for supg to sooth nervous investors.

        we all have our own beliefs about the valuation of supg, do good dd and you wont be so nervous.

        there is a lot of potential here, patience required along with chutzpah.

      • Well said. There are things that are out of SUPGs control and there are things that aren't. Manuso has done absolutely fuck all on things that he could and is a horrible communicator. We just keep getting kicked and he does NOTHING over and over again.

        Hitting IR with comments/questions/suggestions is useless too because I think they just filter everything from Manuso. It is entirely possible he has NO IDEA that shareholders are not happy! I think it's entirely possible he doesn't even check the stock price on a regular basis.

        I am not a vindictive person but this clown needs to be tossed out on his ass before the shares go to zero.

        The "performance bonus" was the final kick in the balls to all shareholders. No shame whatsoever!