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  • merohricht merohricht Feb 28, 2008 1:38 PM Flag


    Why would they want to cap this thing? If they are short let it go up and continue shorting at higher levels!

    Unless they want to accumulate shares, which does not seem to be the case?

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    • Mero..

      Looking at the charts, 2.97 is a Short term pivot point - resistance level. Hence, if SUPG convincingly breaks 2.97, momentum would take it to 3.19 in no time - close to its 40 EMA.

      Hence, the short owners want to hold 2.96 on a ST basis. If SUPG does not have any exciting earnings news on Monday, SUPG may stay at this level.

      Note that yahoo indicates the beta level at 3.09. Hence, if the market falls or increases, SUPG expects to move proportionately.

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      • Sure SUPG is volitile but from my observations it moves opposite the market about 70% of the time. While I welcome great market days for the sake of my index fund investments it seems that on those days SUPG gets hammered. I think investors flee small bios and go with the more stable mid caps when the market is good. Even on NASDAQ -3% days SUPG somehow stays even or goes up a little. Of course with all this manipulation going on it is truely unpredictable. I hope for everyones sake (except the shorts) that SUPG does not dissapoint on Monday. Also I do give credit to the CFO for making some decent change on derivatives during 2007. I hope he pulled it off again in Q4. Also don't we have some defered revenue from the Hospira deal that will be recognized in the coming quarter?