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  • batzem batzem Mar 31, 2008 4:23 PM Flag

    Buy The Nimbers

    For a short Feb month Dacogen 11.8 mil - vidaza 12.3mil. By comparison the November numbers (second month of the 4th qtr were 11.3 mil and 12mil respectively . So we continue to pick up steam, the entire category grows. PATIENCE.

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    • Whats important we continue NOT to lose ground to Vidaza despite the survival data. That alone IMHO deserves a higher
      stock price. We will get it eventually

    • batzem,

      I assume those are the February IMS sales figures. Once again thanks for sharing them with us.

      Dacogen sales contracted $300K and Vidaza contracted $500K from January. I have to say I’m disappointed. Based on the R&R report on March 20th that “Dacogen increased M/M by more than 17% in terms of total patients treated” Dacogen sales should have been higher. That assumes that there is a correlation between what IMS and Oncology Inc. report. It also makes a huge assumption that something R&R reports can be trusted.

      BTW the IMS numbers are not exactly month to month figures. They report on a 4-4-5 week basis. In effect they catch up on the third month of every quarter. January and February IMS figures are based on the same number of calendar days. March will be based on 25% more calendar days. I can’t tell from the sales data if holidays have any affect on sales figures. If there is an affect it is not readily apparent. End of quarter activity may have a bigger affect on sales than Holidays do but that is not apparent either.

    • Batzem, is that the IMS figure? The 1 day shorter period of 29 days for Feb and 30 days for November, would equal about another 400K in revenues. November also had a we probably didn't grow anything in comparison.