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  • sensitive_ltd sensitive_ltd Apr 2, 2008 5:16 PM Flag

    Manuso purchases 2,000 shares

    @ $2.89 on March 20th. Filed on the 24th.

    Total holdings a whopping 3,470.

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    • businesspower Apr 7, 2008 9:06 PM Flag

      I totally agree. We went too far and too fast. A pull back to a mid-point is a usual next step.

      The entire market overextended very quickly. Today's mid-day news took away one of the main "fuel rods" from the market (energy complex). That is why the market ended up flat for the day after been so much higher.

      After closing - Alcoa started the earnings season with bad news. Usually, after such a point the market would pull back at least for a week.

      That is in combination with all big money waiting for the news next week, anticipating a pull back until then, so that they could buy at much cheaper prices (below of $2.40 looks more reasonable).

    • It was a bad call, just like you failing to short SUPG at 7.50 range

      Oh really, I'm ahead in supg , how about you ?

      I would prefer to hear from Jelly and Billy on today's update at AACR.

      On what, its next week, plain as vanilla ice cream.

    • Deb,

      AACR only listed the presentations and a small outlook on what will be presented. The PIM presentation looks like it may have some substance, since it will be an oral presentation. I'm looking to see if it will be webcasted. We will have to wait to see what additional info SUPG releases next week. Still early to see anything substantial. Mp-470 and combination with Terceva(erlotinib) is my guess on ph2 in combination.

    • It was a bad call, just like you failing to short SUPG at 7.50 range. Who knew, right. I just care about the next few weeks and cannot play with you right now. It's serious time right now and I would prefer to hear from Jelly and Billy on today's update at AACR.

    • BTW Deb, whatever happened to the $10 before $3.

    • I don't believe were going up from here, too fast, too easy. The upward momentum turning the stock from $2.07 to $2.80's within weeks is setting up for something unexpected. However the market is on an upward swing with any bad news being tossed away and seemingly printing a bright and rosy picture.
      Option expiration around the corner just prior to the conference call on there ? product, or ? will bring a surpise to many of us including myself. Any guesses...mine is that we going down to the $2.50's or lower.

    • Deb, that is good to know. I did not realize that and when insiders lead by example that ultimately bodes well for our company. I hope it is all up from here.

    • lltinvest,

      Next update on mp-470 is at AACR in a few days. It is nice to see finally some insider action. Even with Dacogen approval, there was not many insiders acting on it's outcome. Now are insiders feeling some confidence with pipeline or Dacogen? Looks to me the CFO exercized near the max amount of options that he was allowed and as soon as he was allowed to exercize them.

    • Yes, no doubt we are going to see home price corrections in most parts of the country. Here in my little corner of the world the Realtors are in denial.
      I spoke with a broker out in SLC, Utah who enjoyed a very hot market up to as recently as 2 months ago and ...wham, prices have cooled down and people are turning to renting because they feel a steeper correction is in the cards. My parents lived thru the great depression and Mom said it could happen again in our lifetime. BTW...she is seldom wrong. As far as SUPG they are in the same single product mode. All the focus on Dacogen. When is the next update on MP470? Well it is good to see SUPG make up a little PPS.

    • I'm a single Mum and I own more than him!!! Scary how much he "believes" in his company...of course I'm being sarcastic about his so called devotion in the company he works for! Obviously he isn't so keen on owning more shares, and that tells me then that he doesn't have much hope in SUPG's future?!

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      • Deseree,

        Until we see Manuso's pension plan, we dont' know how many shares he owns. Hypothetically, if he puts 6% into company stock and the company matches share for share, he probably has a boatload. And yes, almost everyone here has more than 2000 shares. Keep your shirt on.

        By the way, Deb, good to see you back around. It's been a while and I know you got slammed with the options on PHRM. You always seem to have some good input.

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