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    • i am old 62 ex ironworker and ex jarhead semper fi all. i just wish i had ability to talk one on one with the wheels and do alittle thumping er convinceing to do a better job frustration is like cmgi on the down slope joeyw1 still holding and praying everynight i am correct to do so ,

    • businesspower Apr 15, 2008 1:01 PM Flag

      Unfortunate, but true!

      I think Cubs could win it first than he goes. So, what is a next thing after the hell freezing?

    • "I still stand on my prediction. M@#$%o is toast NLT 4/30/2008 unless there is some positive developments in business development".

      Dear lltin:

      I'll bet you a few beers on that comment. The thousands of SUPG investors would love for your comment to come true including myself, but Dr. *anus* (like that) is dumb as a fox. He will continue to rob the company with his million dollar compensation package, and his $250,000/year end performance bonuses for years to come. He's not going to give that up for anything, and the board is 100% in bed with him. Besides, what will Dr. *anus* do if he gets booted out of SUPG - be a recruiter again? I think I'll take my Budweiser now...

    • WOW!!!

      Is it possible that someone on the IR team has actually learned how to do their job?

      I like the way they are playing these AACR presentations. It looks like they are doing a press release for each presentation. This is the way to maximize the buzz about the pipeline and haven't we all been waiting for that?

      I am very curious to see how they spin the oral presentation tomorrow afternoon. I believe this is the PIM-1 compound, and they have not said anything at all about this.

      BTW, the conference is in San Diego so the stock market will have been closed already before this presentation. If it is favorable we might get a gap on Wednesday.

      But don't hold your breath.

      One more thing... All of the recent articles have promised to have these posters available for viewing in the pipeline section of the SuperGen web site. I checked this morning and they weren't there yet.

      As Larry the Cable Guy says... "Git 'er done!"

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      • Jelly you're absolute right about IR department finally waking up to how to reach out and get the most for these releases. On the AH trades, total of 1000 shares between 2.67-2.70. But it's a start. Now we need Eisai to give quarter update of at least 36M and a little encouragement on EORTC data. I like it that we have not heard yet, every week that goes bye, may mean additional week on several and we need something around 9M benefit to get this stock off life support.

    • We might be in play come tomorrow. Up 10%-15% sound correct.

    • Importantly, reduced toxicity was observed along with
      an increased half-life compared to decitabine.

      That's a good thing...