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  • batzem batzem May 2, 2008 12:59 PM Flag

    IMS Comments

    Dont know what R&R is looking at my numbers are RIGHT

    Vidaza ..12.8 12.4 and 16.4 Total 41.6 mil

    Dacogen 12.1 12.0 and 15.2 Total 39.3 mil

    Again these are IMS not reported sales by the companies.

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    • Not sure what R&R is looking at either, just forwarding along whatever info I see come across...

      I can confirm though that the #'s they're supposedly reporting on are for March. I think the $33 mil they're referencing is the net sales for the last 2 months...

      >>We are pleased to present the latest edition of the Rodman and Renshaw Monthly Sales Report. The goal of this
      report is to provide an analysis of historical U.S. product revenue trends and an accurate forecast for 1Q08 U.S. sales
      for both covered and non-covered companies, as well as to provide insights into the accuracy of IMS sales data.

      Note: Month-over-month (M/M) growth figures factor out the 4-4-5 effect of monthly data for the month of
      March, which includes 5 weeks of sales data.<<

    • Batzem,

      I was not questioning your information, but rather what R&R was reporting. Elmer Piros is the worst anal-yst I have ever witnessed.