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  • lltinvest lltinvest Jul 12, 2008 7:34 PM Flag

    Jelly: Selling for Dummies Part II

    In Part #1 we determined who the decision maker was and did as much research into his personal & professional life as posible. A comprehensive background check would not hurt either since you never know what interesting things you can find out. Ross Perot liked this approach and became one of the best salespersons and CEO's ever as a result. By now you have made at least 1 good contact in his company who can serve as your bird dog in getting this account. Mr. Smith, the dececion guy is 43, divorced (very good!) and a Cleveland Browns fan. He is a workaholic but plays hard too. He owns a Piper Cherokee plane which he loves to fly on the weekends. The first thing I do is get some second string or former Browns player to meet me and the bird dog for drinks. Bird dog knows that his career will jump ahead two spaces if he introduces Mr. Smith to him and can't wait to make it happen. A time is set up, preferably on Sunday for Mr. Smith to meet the Browns player and have drinks. As a friend of bird dog & the Browns Player I happen to be present also. Remember, Smith is in a great mood, he flew his plane or at least had the day off. I have prepared by boning up on the Browns and of course I am buying the drinks. Prior to the meet I have given the bartender $50.00 to make my drinks with very little alcahol. I want to drink as much as everyone there but staying sober gives me an edge. Introductions are made and the fun begins! We talk about the players acheivements, football in general and most importantly let Mr. Smith do most of the talking. We want to know what makes this guy tick! I vaguely mention who I work for but make no move to sell yet...we need to establish trust first by sharing things we have in, business etc. My sales assistant, a 23 year old grad student from Cal Tech, Stanford etc, who has majored in the sciences and looks like a girl from Hooters joins us at the bar for just one moment to tell me I have an urgent call from PFE. I excuse myself to take the "call". Of course she knows all the science but again no attempt to "sell" is made. Just friendly introductions! After 5 minutes I reapear with a huge smile on my face but say nothing! By now Smith is having the time of his life. He has had the day off, flew his plane, met a Browns player and damn...this little cutie from Supergen looks promising! Part III Sunday.

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    • Don't ask me. Ask "Barbie."

      Dear Barbie,

      Damn your lucky. With a great bode and face to go w/it, you'll make millions. Many of these old CEO's will buy anything from a great face and bode. Let me know when your actually going out to sell any of supg's products. I'll buy more shares then anticipating you'll increase sales by 10% within the year.

    • <<You do not have to post a reply but who's plan is better suited to get a partnership. Mine or Dr. Manuso's?>>

      Don't ask me. Ask Mary Vegh. Since she's involved with Investor Relations, she should have a good handle on what shareholders are looking for.

      Better yet, ask David Bearss. The former head of Montigen is probably losing a bundle on his SUPG shares. I'm sure he would be open to firing Manuso and hiring a "salesman" replacement.

    • I am buying Jelly. I picked up 5K @ $1.72 last week. I think we may go to $1.30 or lower in the next few weeks. I bought last week because I anticipate either new management or I truely hope a partnership and do not want to miss out on it. Could be wrong. You do not have to post a reply but who's plan is better suited to get a partnership. Mine or Dr. Manuso's?

    • <<And if your so smart when should we buy the stock, sell the stock, what should we do Jelly.>>

      Don't ask me. Ask "Barbie."


      If Ltinvest is an idiot, why did he sell most of his supg's shares at $5.70 and buy more shares using the same money(3 to 1). It seems if the person doesn't fit your criteria, there idiots. Have you made any money in supg ? And if your so smart when should we buy the stock, sell the stock, what should we do Jelly. The stock is close to $1.50 and many people have lost much money, so tell me your outlook and its pricing power.

    • Now Jelly, I know things have not worked out for some of us with SUPG (except Manuso & the shorts) but I am sincerely trying to give some very good advice to those sweet, naive folks who manage our company. I am sure Mary & Tim read this board a couple of times a day for guidance on investor setitment. In Part 3 of Selling for Dummies we will explore ways this company can be salvaged. I am headed out to Micky D's now for my morning Egg McMuffin & Cinnemelts. Then I have to go put up a for rent sign at a rental property here in Mayberry. In the meantime start coding boy! PS: Love you too man!

    • That is exactly right Jelly! Thank you for making my point. Selling is basically the same. Pharm, cars, consumer goods, services and all manner of commerce begins with relationship building. When you go to work Monday look around. Who are the real leaders of your company. is not the CEO or your imediate supervisor. They are the people who sell themselves constantly. They may be in IT like yourself, finance, HR or the star salespeople in your organization. They take the time for relationship building, that's what they invest in. It may be within the organization but most likely the real potential lies with those who consistantly produce the lifeblood of your company...revenue. Now ask yourself, who is in charge of producing revenue at SUPG? Please give me that name.
      Is is Dr. Manuso? His approach has failed. Is it the "Scientific advisory board" those learned men who are paid large sums and stock options who should have developed the contacts and access to big pharma at this stage in their careers? How about our board members? Certainly that represents years of industry experience! What SUPG is missing is a 4-5 member partnership group who can go out and make deals on our compounds. They do not have to be PHD's, just polished, intuitive salespeople who know the time tested and imutable laws of relationship building. Give me 2 weeks and I can find 5 good people to work as a team. These people have the skills mentioned in parts 1 & 2 of my post on this subject. Part 3 will address two other principles that SUPG must master if we are to get the partnerships that can benefit SUPG, the partner, and the sick people who suffer needlessly who do not have access to our superior products because we lack the ability to go out and find a partner.

    • This sounds like some horrible pornographic fantasy letter to Hustler, except with a sales bend.

      Really, LLT. Give up. Congrats on running your business, glad you did well, and glad you're not running SUPG.