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  • roryrae roryrae Jul 16, 2008 12:39 PM Flag

    Message from TimEnnis

    Mary decided to let Tim call me in behalf of Supergen. If supg revenues were to non exist due to eortc outcome, they have 2 years of cash in developing Mp-470 and pim-inhibitor. Mp-470 w/Josh did show positive results however progression caused a crease in continuation. Seeking partnership which I don't believe will happen anytime soon(until October to next year). No major shake-up however I don't buy that statement. Supg will have lawsuit against company. They knew of flawed dacogen trial and wasn't able to change the situation, hoping for best results but prepared themselves for worst outcome.

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    • Rory, are you drinking again? Just do not p i s s in the wind, you may get a crease in continuation. Just trying to give an example of what creased in continuation may mean.

      Did you ask Tim if it was true about mp-470 already failing, so you can say you were right.

    • Who is Tim Ennis?

      Who is Josh?

      What company will SUPG have a lawsuit against?

      Rory, this is one of your worst lies ever.

    • Was he able to reach you at your home number 1 800 MORON. I think it was probably your buddly litinves and not the Timster. Try to make up a better stroy next time

    • Lawsuit? ARE YOU STUPID. Let me get this straight someone is going to sue SUPG on a trial THEY WERE NOT IN CONTROL OF because of protocol THAT WAS PUBLIC INFORMATION. Yes, right. Let's sue any company that has a failed trial result. Not only that company, but any company that the drug will adversely effect. Wait why stop there. Let's sue any company who's stock goes down. I mean the airlines have know that fuel prices were on the rise, they should be held liable.

      Back to reality. THE DRUG SUPG WILL PARTNER IS MP-470. Why? First, it is a drug that works in combination with a lot of drugs that MAJOR PHARMA has a big vested interest in. Plus, it is a durg that ccompanies are not going to want to see their competitors get a hold of. Anytime, a someone says "it is not for sale" means it is for sale but only for serious offers. If, and that is a big if, MP-470 shows tremendous results in the Phase 1b and enters Phase 2 with positive preliminary results, SUPG will do very well.

      Now, back to la-la-land, and ltinvest on how to sell used Camaros with bimbos.