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  • hatesupg hatesupg Oct 2, 2008 11:08 AM Flag

    Me warned all U

    Hate warned all supg bag holders. Now me see Rory wetting pants over his mistake. Why no one listen to hate. Me give facts and accurate prediction. Now it maybe to late to recover much loses. Me friend has lost so many times investing in SUPG. He may have to put his boat up on probably sinking like his investment in SUPG. I see some still researching info on mp-470, reformulation, maybe mean more failure? Supg have limited funds and would not proceed with phase 2. I hear Manuso squak about partnerships, he do lots of talking about maybe's, very poor manager. Stock tanking after another presentation. What a mess in United States in, corruption everywhere. Hate always playing the short side, so hate make more money then me can count. Hate see more troubles ahead for U.S., maybe 10 years of worries. Hate worry along with you, it sad to see good friend like rory losing so much and so fast. Well he knows now that he needed to listen to my advice, maybe next time.

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