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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Nov 26, 2008 1:28 PM Flag


    A trial with Dacogen has just completed and there are several new trials from eisai that just began. We may see a update on this trial shortly. Here is link:

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    • Bar is set pretty low by the investing community at this point after the July failure huh Billy? They have all written off Dacogen at this point. I love it! I think there is nothing but upside at this point. 30 trials were going on with Dacogen if I remember correctly.....

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      • maximus,

        at least 30 trial I just looked at several new ones. Interferon and dacogen for melonoma(ph2). I do not see Dacogen gaining the former respect it once held. Survival is big news and the all important one. I just read the poster on EORTC data, and again this trial missed on dosing cycles. Some only received 2 or less cycles. That irkes me, they understood years ago, more cycles, better responses.

        Well, I'm more excited that Sgi-1776, soon to be in the clinics. It will be interesting on where this trial will be held. Here's some of the cancers that Pim 1,2,3 affect.

        Pim 1

        Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
        Myeloid Luekemia
        Lymphomia cell lines
        Oral epithelial cancers
        Prostatic adenocarcinoma
        Oral cancers


        Squamous cell lung
        Adenocarcinoma lung

        Pim 3

        Pancreatic adenocarcinoma
        Gastric cancers

        My estimate were looking at over 500K+ in the United States that have these kinds of cancers. This could be a very large development, if SGI1776 can show promise. I also like that SUPG is going into ph1 with actual cancer patients. They learned a great deal on mp-470 early, because of having that head start on treating patients that the drug was aimed at.

        My last point. Dr. Bearss was elevated to new position, just prior to SGI1776 going into clinics. His 400K+ shares, is now public record. I believe this is an important validation, that Dr. Bearss could have waited for the advancement till after the milestone payment to him and the Montigen group. I also like that Dr. Manuso paid this group in cash for 50% of the milestone. SUPG was under no obligation to give any cash, if the stock was worthless, why not pay this milestone in stock, instead of cash? I believe these are important developments.