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  • roryrae roryrae Jan 26, 2009 1:09 PM Flag

    What will bearss say in tommorrow's

    Will the stock be pop and drop. Hopefully, we can hear of the progress made in some of these new drugs going forward and a earnings date in Feb.

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    • Institutions dumping.

      Hahaha, what institution ? The ghost man.

      Did you see the latest filing ?

      There setting something up in the future, possible within the next 6 months is my guess. Clarity will come during the earnings announcement, I think... I'm just hoping and wishful thinking that Manuso can actually present something meaningful.

      The bank stocks are on a huge run. Got to love the way the stock market works.

    • I started to screw w/the marketmaker and had put in many orders both buy and sell and on the option side of things. Also sold some shares today.
      This will be a long 1 Mero in terms of timeframe so just hunker down and stay the course.

      they been moving the price by selling and buying options in my viewpoint. All I know is the price there getting the options for is not the price we can buy or sell them at. Alway a difference. fricken ripoff artist.

      This is not the time to move the stock in either direction so they penny anty us to make a small amount in terms of commission.

    • Institutions dumping.
      My guess.

    • Made good profits on GE and GNW and hold HIG. Did not expect WFC to pop on 2.8 billion loss. I think they under reported but will not short.

      Supg shows 114,700 shares bought and sold already today, up 3 cents. Why the large volume so early?

    • You cannot be mad at hate, me warn you about 1.25 share price.

      Whose mad, not me, I'm making plenty of money u dumb clown in peanut suit. Everybody think I'm losing money, hahaha.

      I think u one stupid man when great opportunity past your way, you only waving goodbye. You had an easy double but instead you open the mouth and out comes garbage.

      You come to Hawaii and visit me, I need to know what a clown in a peanut suit looks like, then I shake your hand and kick your arse and show you how much money I make, blow your mind. I need a good laugh.

      Mero, I'm glad to be holding ge at these level. Will probably sell on Friday.

    • Me friend roryrae, why you say always post something stupid. This like 5 year old comment. Are you really this much of a misfit in world. Only little children post such messages. Time to start acting like grown up. But no can reason with a donkey. They just heehaw heehaw and step in manure all day. You cannot be mad at hate, me warn you about 1.25 share price...had you waited, you make 90% return on your money, but instead you lose 60%.

    • HIGHER....excuse me!!!!

      Why what did u do, fart or something.

    • HIGHER....excuse me!!!!

    • He was buying at 2.60 and selling at 1.55 and 2.00 levels per his posts. So I agree we move much hirer.


      Good news for SUPG longs, with roryrae selling that can only mean one thing, SUPG should be heading north!! The last time he admitted selling we moved up over 10% in no time at all. Thanks roryrae, keep up the selling!!

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