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  • freetoquestionu freetoquestionu May 5, 2009 1:58 PM Flag


    I have banged heads with Ora for two years and he has made claims in the past which didn't materialize. However, his observation on trading share price is valid. This is going out to the .0000 range on small share increments. This does look like two MM's are selling back and forth the shares to keep the bid and ask standing still. You or I couldn't buy at this level, but they can sell a 1000 shares back and forth @.0001 difference, which equals .10 total cost, meaning if I own a trade to market maker 1000 shares at .2675 and then he turns around and sell those same shares back at .2676, we're taling about a total of 10 cents to keep doing this. Now if someone comes in to shake up this bid/ask, those shares maybe being taken out by the acquiring company. They can probably acquire up to 10% this way, before a SEC filing would be required.

    Just up to recently this traded in penny spreads, now were talking about ten thousands. Ora makes a good point here, because you can just go and look at it. Not normal at all....they want a lid on this.

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    • You kids are getting completely out of hand. If you two don't straighten up and be friends I'll just have to tell your father when he gets home. You don't want him to get the belt out, now do you. BTW, I didn't know Iltinvest died. Too bad, may his soul roam the ethernet for ever and ever.

    • Rory, you have to ask Free to come back

      Hell no

      Afterall, you started all this by calling him a frickin' white man.

      And I'll stick by those remarks.

      I started a friendship w/lltinvest last year before he past away. This frickin white man used to tease lt for his own benefits. llinvest had bought this stock after listening to some of the people on this message board but decided to take precaution after listening to me. As the stock went down, free willy was still bashing him. Why ? He made the right call but the bashing kept on coming. Now my friend rest in peace. Screw this guy.

    • Gee, I didn't mean to make anybody mad. Rory, you have to ask Free to come back. Afterall, you started all this by calling him a frickin' white man.

    • The fricken white guy does all the DD and the whatever color guy complains. Sounds like even the Yahoo boards are moving towards socialism.

    • Too bad we can't take a vote. How many would dump Rory vs Free?

      Of course Rory's birdie is free to stay.

    • dlbrew,

      Paid posters, how much does something like that pay? I can e-mail my DD to a few and it's not necessary that I post anything here. This will be my last post here, until the day I sell my shares. GL, it was enjoyable sometimes and I respect a few of you. Frinken white man signing off.

    • Please let's stop all these stupid metaphors about the white/indian wars of the last century (you guys must have watched PBS's "We shall remain" series last night). BTW, I take the Indian's side since I'm 1/32 Cherokee, but that's all irrelevant. Why do you guys always lock horns. I'm beginning to think you're both paid posters here to demonstrate the Ying & Yang [good, bad; risk & reward] of investing for us bag holders. I just want the board to talk about SUPG, until, we hope, the ship comes in.

    • I have banged heads with Ora for two years and he has made claims in the past which didn't materialize

      I don't know whose ora however if your talking about me, the biggest one I have to claim is $2 before $8 and its the only one I care about. Price.

      You or I couldn't buy at this level

      Speak for yourself, my average is below these level.