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  • arql07 arql07 May 15, 2009 1:56 PM Flag

    Hey Manuso

    I have invested in numerous bio's and Dr. Manuso has maybe the greatest imagination of any of the CEO's I have listen to. How can he state that SUPG is emerging as the leader in discovering these targeted drugs and have only two small meaningless abstacts at ASCO. On the subject of partnerships, he has talked about this for over two years and not produced anything in the time spam. I listen to Eisai and it didn't sound great. No guidance and Dacogen back in the uncertainity picture again, IMHO. I'm profitable here, but looking for a reason to just give up on SUPG. The only thing I see is the large position that Dr. Bearss has and just maybe it means something.

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    • I also listened to the Eisai update, and from what I heard they predicted double digit growth for Dacogen going forward. It was tough to listen to the translation, but I listened twice to that part, and that is what I heard. They also talked about Dacogen's advantage over the competitor's (Vidaza), stating that efficacy was sooner. I agree, that part of my reason for liking SUPG, is that insiders haven't sold any of their shares, but also I feel strongly that liquidating SUPG would garner far better than $2 a share. I will continue to accumulate, I'm at 30k shares with a cost basis of about $3.25. It is obviously a risk, but I still believe the risk reward is positive. Happy trails to all...

    • thinkabout May 15, 2009 6:58 PM Flag

      I take your comments very seriously and spot on! I think that you have captured just perfectly in a few words the current status of the company. The pipeline, if you can call it that is very week at best. The only saving grace for a long is to (HOLD) and hope for someone to really manage this company real soon,for all us longs. From what I have watched lately all I see is lots of hype and raids on the company cash.