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  • merohricht merohricht Jul 28, 2009 11:40 AM Flag


    For those of you who sold or are selling, Supergen management did an excellent job of controlling costs. Earnings were expected to be -.09 cents and were actually -.04 cents.

    Prior to earnings Supergen stock short position increased over 243% or over 3 million shares. There are over 4 mil shares shorted. That is over 8 days to recover based on current volume of shares bought and sold.

    If we had an update or even a deal mentioned, shorts would have to cover.

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    • posterposterposterposter posterposterposterposter Jul 31, 2009 10:13 AM Flag

      yeah, since now SEC presumably enforce NO naked shorts. So if no delivery, then shorts would be force to cover.

      The only hope is those big institutional holders STOP lending out their shares to hedge fund for shorting!

      Small investors, long or short, do NOT make much dif. anyway

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      I especially liked Dr James M quote about " partners lining up for their products"

      i hope he shortens the line and signs a deal.

      He is very much like a caricature of the used car salesman

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      • I especially liked Dr James M quote about " partners lining up for their products

        Did he really say that...I thought he said the standard protocol where he's making contact, talking to other companies, shopping around, the usual in finding a partnership.

        i hope he shortens the line and signs a deal

        How can they, were would the line form at...supg's building was burned down. I think the meeting are being done at the Crazy horse.

    • What a paranoid little fella you are rory. Looks like most of you missed the recent presentation at Capstone by Manuso. He stated that JNJ is marketing Dacogen in China. They will present data this sunday on mp-470 at a lung cancer conference. He talked a little about the right of first offer on SGI-110 and easai, also that sgi110 maybe combined with cisplatin. He felt that SGI-1776 will be a combination drug. What I didn't care for is how he described Jake's situation, he stated after taking the drug that he was out of bed and back to work, kind of left off the rest of the story. Rory don't be afraid of your shadow...just glad to know that your preoccupied so much with "hate". It was well worth the experiment. Well I have to walk on water or something.

    • Can someone shed some light on something? According to all the analysts who cover celgene, vidaza sales are exploding and pushing dacogen sales to very low numbers. This is not consistent with what was said on the SUPG call, and in fact SUPG is holding its stated guidance. It is interesting that there was a big drop off in the dacogen revenue...but does anyone really buy this wholesaler inventory story...or is that a bunch of bull...and we will indeed see continued dacogen drop? I wont be surprised to see revised guidance downward on their next call. I am inclined to believe CELG before SUPG. Thoughts?

    • Supergen management did an excellent job of controlling costs

      I believe wholeheartedly that they did a good job and Manuso is here to stay.

      About a few week ago Cramer had annointed the biotech sector as the new leaders when the market starts to rise and eventhough I don't like the guy, it seems plausible.
      Also last week someone had asked a question going into earnings, which stocks would be the best ones to buy/hold. Stocks that made a run greater than 10% going into earnings were actually higher after earnings. This is only a percentage basis and I believe supg fits this category given a small timeframe lapse.

    • thinkabout Jul 28, 2009 12:03 PM Flag

      Thanks much for your insightful comments. I think I feel a little bit better about “hanging in” with this company to see if the compounds inching forward bear fruit.
      I continue to worry however about the effectiveness of the management team lead by “the good doctor” and his focus on HIS bottom line.
      God speed the researchers and their work against cancer!