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  • beachplayboy200245224 beachplayboy200245224 Apr 7, 2011 10:52 PM Flag

    Merger & Wall Street -SUPG

    The boys on wall Street,"ANALYST'S" will let the whole world know what they think of this merger.It's hard to make a decision,not knowing anything about the other company.No SEC filings to look at Etc.But Manuso was in a situation where he had to make a "DECISION",so he did.The part I and other's on this board don't like,is he is still going to be eating at the SUPERGEN trough so to speak.He has had 10yrs to do something with SUPG,and has failed misserably.If the NEW CEO & Board of directors can run this company without any input from Manuso,then I see a chance of success.WHAT SAY YOU??

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