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  • kyjellie kyjellie Oct 14, 2011 7:36 PM Flag


    "Astx has bigger potential but needed the capital"

    Please explain more thorough. Astx has what drug producing $54 M in revenues. Both companies have a second generation compound near ph 2. One company had 126M and the other 26M. ASTX has some near term milestones, so does supg. Dacogen aml approval generates some of 17M in milestones and GSK has to be getting close or they would have included that in spinout. Let's see what you know rory. I'm prepared to level 12 identies at you if you want. How about we just act civil and you provide something of some support to your continious posts. Have batzem and silver and jelly all help you post something informative.

    Otherwise all I hear is someone sprouting comments and has nothing behide them. Let's keep focused on ASTX. I'm waiting on your reply on my challenge. How will you weasel out of it.

    I love thsi one, how can we keep this post on top so it doesn't lose it's noteability. Just have one of you 12 aliases reply to it. How did you ever allow yourself to hold on to SUPG shares from the $56 range. You never reply to it and why. I know, to many people know the truth about it and you have no explaination. I have one, you got caught with your pants down!

    Time to get smarter rory. No more lame posts about bankrupt and then claim you own shares. I'm prepared to not embarrass you anymore then I already have, once we prove who has aliases. waiting for an answer!

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