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  • vd6rt vd6rt Dec 30, 2011 5:00 PM Flag

    Check out CYCC - would also benefit from Dacogen approval

    Check out CYCC. Trades near cash value and is in phase 3 trial for AML comparing combo of its Sapacitabine + Decitabine vs. Decitabine alone. Has SPA with FDA. In the near term Seliciclib for NSCLC analysis on whether it is effective on k-RAS mutation was promised by year end 2011. And today stock moved up on high volume and no news.

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    • MARXE AUSTIN W & GREENHOUSE DAVID been dumping shares in the last few months @ 0.60 like there is no tomorrow!

      I would watch out from CYCC.

      Personal opinion of course.

      Why invest in CYCC if you got ASTX with great cash position of 130M$ plus 60M$ annual income...???

      Right now ASTX seems like the best investment out there.


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      • Marxe Austin and Greenhouse don't have any insider info. They dumped for tax loss.
        Also, they are not known for smart trading in CYCC, for example they sold a large chunk 2 years ago in January just 2-3 days before stock soared.

        Anyway, CEO of CYCC just bought at open market. Last time he bought 3 months ago at about the same level and his timing was good.

        Much lower market cap for CYCC means more upside in percentage terms than for ASTX.
        If both drugs - decitabine and sapacitabine would end up been used together in combination therapy, then both companies would have market caps in the same neighborhood, not 3:1 like now.

        CYCC has more risk of course because it is earlier stage and cash bleeding