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  • kyjellie kyjellie Feb 23, 2012 2:32 PM Flag

    why is hatesupg posting so much

    You just expain to my better half how awful a person I am, to state to the board when supg was at 7.75 that it would hit $8.00. I think she would tell with a straigt face get help.

    It's comical how you hang onto something so trivel, but forget how I had done DD and wanted a open discussion on Vidaza survival news. Rory blame Business week for your losses. I have always been on the up and up. I relied on Dr. M's perjections on sales of dacogen, his wording in forward looking statements. I got caught up in it, but also had the presents of mind to watch competitors news and I shared my research. I've learned that our CEO is day dreamer. I have scolded him and Tim more times than I can count. But I still believe this is a good investment. I like that they are conservative, I wish the world was conservative, we wouldn't need to build dem roads.

    You keep blaming me on that .25 miss. Forget that I also saw the red flag. This is where we differ rory. You want to spout off everyday, I expect these boards to provide some insights. Well I seriouly doubt that you comprehended a single word here. Buy TP.