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  • kyjellie kyjellie Feb 23, 2012 3:58 PM Flag

    why is hatesupg posting so much

    "Like I said white man with fork tongue, then either way u win, huh ? wow nice guy"

    No rory, my personal responsibility to my family is to invest and protect. I was up 2.5X on supg. I was bullish on Dr. M words, but as you know, I did my DD. I listen to that PHRN webcast, they had a Q&A session, and I heard something that I knew could change things. I posted several messages about this development coming. I believe only jelly and Deb posted. This is what really gets me, many invest in a stock, but really don't understand the pitfalls to watch for. I thought these boards were for growing discussions, but maybe serious investors stay away from Yahoo, I can understand.

    Nice call on the $8 to $2. If you had shorted the stock, you would have made money. But the respect that you crave here, will never be there. You had not one single coherent thought on why. Just a lucky guess. If you had mention one single good reason, besides the birdie told me, maybe we wouldn't be arguing.

    Well you keeping holding me responsible. I was right to buy in the $3's and watch it run to $7.75. I'm a little bit wiser on the antics of Dr. M. I have e-mailed him several times on his misleading statements. I believe I'm the reason he no longers states that famous line he always stated, that "SUPG was an overnight success, that only took 16 years". Or something like that. All I know he never used it again after I wrote him what I did appreciate about it. Maybe he just got sick of repeating it. I'm sure you and your aliases batzem will be replying to that statement. I always chuckle when i post something I know you will get a rise about. Life short rory, stock up on TP. 2012 is going to be one you remember the rest of your life.