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  • Jelly,

    I'm old enough to take you to school on this. I love hopw the idiot who couldn't explain all the road building in ohio next to vacant buildings was getting us anywhere as a nation.

    But let's look at the facts in 1988. We owed about 2.7T as a nation. We had a deficit of 253B that year. Today we owe 16T and incurring a deficit of 1.5T. So you feel that 10% would not hurt uas today, because we handled it back then. But did we handle it back then and are we now. Well I understand that your really rory and a buffon is a buffon. All we did for the past 34 years is roll the interest over and over and now we're seeing deficits that are 7 times greater than 1988.

    So if we have a 100T dollar debt and incurring 10T a year, the good old USA could handle 10% interest rates in the future with no ramifications what's so ever. Well it seems that rory has to find some button to push of mine to get some argument. It's so funny how far from grace jelly fell, once it was understood who he really was. I just love how dem liberals view math, finace and the world. They always looking back and never see what they drive over in front of them. The question you need to ask your self is this: Not how old am I, but when will jelly wake up to the crap he shovels. Only one person on this earth would be this stupid in presenting an argument that has no merits to reality.

    Todays debts are accumulation of unpaid interest. Buy TP jelly, you're just not bright enough to own silver or gold.

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    • Now hurry up and have another identity support jelly's logic. This way it looks like he has support. wait they just did that with mero/jelly.

      I cannot expect jelly to support his opinion. He couldn't explain dem empty building along dem roads. How is he ever going to expain 16T times 6% is the same as 2.7T time 10%. The interest back then was only 270B, today it would be 1.6T. Plus i'm sure he forgets, you have to add to the other obiligations. If we had a 10% interest rate today, the deficit would balloon to 2.78T a year, then compound that the following year. Yeah were in great shape libby. Bring on those 6% interest rates, the liberals think we can handle it. I'm stll laughing about how you wormed out of my simple test to prove the 12 id's are all rory's. Go back into hiding jelly. You just not bright enough. You come to a discussion with a rory mentality. This is just one sided. maybe I should just shut down my right side of my brain to make it a far fight.

    • In 1988 inflation was running at greater than 10%. Now it is 3.5%

      In 1988 the GDP was 5T and the budget was 1T or 20% if GDP. Now, the GDP is 16T and the budget is 3.3T or approximately 20% of GDP.

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      • Jelly,

        You see, you liberals look at just one single item and draw a opinion. This is like saying that ASTX should be at $50.00 today, the shareprice you bought at, because they have revenues of $60M. You have to put both feet into reality. You seem to leave out the accumulation of these deficits adding up to 16T. But as a liberal you cannot wrap both hands around the situation.

        The interest every year is rolled into the following years deficits. In 1988 we had a GDP of 5T (I'll assume you're correct), and we had a deficit of 2.7T, 50% of GDP, Today we have a defitit of 16T and GDP of 15.5T, so were at 103%.

        Next year the deficit will rest around 17.5T, that will be somewhere around 112% of GDP. Close to half of our GDP today, comes from Government spending. This actually means that we a socialist state or moving swiftly towards one. I guess in the libby opinion, deficits do not matter. You can just keep rolling over and borrow more, right. That's how it works, well until it no work,right.

        Now I understand you have limits to understanding the economic cloud that covers us. See jelly...aka rory, what you fail to grasp, is sometime in the near future, no one borrow us dem money. First of all they all have their own problems. So who is buying this debt? Do some DD. I cannot keep babysitting you and your 12 ids. If there actually is anyone out there reading these boards, maybe they see the point. They have your simple evaluation and they have my more evolved opinion to look at the tidwave headed our way.

        Now you get back to telling the world about dem road builing going on in HEHAWWii junction. one's buying that you and rory aren't the same buffon. I really didn't know how close I was on that imbred comment. Turn off CNN for your info. Buy TP. (Boy are you libby's going to need it.)

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