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  • kyjellie kyjellie May 31, 2012 10:36 AM Flag

    Who woke up the ugly guy

    Rory's aliases:

    1.Sneezy...this would be mero. He sneezed onto this board stating that he owned montigen. He claimed he made a buddle, but had never posted a single message on it's board. From how crying he does here, he had to have those same feeling when Montigen was having their problems. Always avoids this discussion, why?

    2.Sleepy....lttinvest. Well you try to put him to rest. Do you remember you stated I killed him. One of your better moments, huh? Rory claimed under this alias that SUPG was headed to $20. I guess you were hoping to get back 40 cents on the dollar then?

    3.Dopey...this a tough one. So many of your characters qualify. I think jelly is pushing you out of the tag. It's close. But you still hold this title.

    4.Doc....several of your voices claim to hold this title. They cannot google current info to support their points. But claim to work in the pharma industry. They dumber than chit. Have been exposed countless times. Well if you lose as much in the bio world as they have, I guess they feel they are experts. Deb and I took dem to school.

    5.Happy.... None of your characters are happy pappy. They invested in BofA and KVA and SUPG at the highs. Losing an astonding 75-90%.

    6.Bashful....they are all bashful. The only time that they are not bashful, is when they demonstrate ignorances in investments. But very bashful to take a simple test and equally bashful when exposed as to their limits in understanding the world finances. Bashful to do any DD and run and hide when confronted on their liberal ideas.

    7.grumpy...Who can blame you on this one. Investing in supg in the $50's, buying KV-a and BofA at the highs. Missing a golden opportunity to sell Supg in the high $7's, missing a opportunity to short short. How you get up each day amazes us. Couple this with a small IQ on what is going on in the world.

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