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  • kyjellie kyjellie Jun 1, 2012 9:24 AM Flag

    Had to rub my eyes

    69,000 jobs created, didn't the world get the message? They building dem roads in HEHAWii junction.

    Maybe we need more roads? Do not fret they will start QE to infinity soon. Print, print, print...

    Anyone read Hugo Price advice. I believe he's onto something and the beauty of it, the bankers wil hate it. I would post the general ideas, but I'm afraid the 12 sybils would not understand it. Better left to boards that actually do not listen to abc,nbc,cnn, msnbc for their general knowledge.

    Now how will the street react to only 69,000 jobs being created. My guess not good. That doesn't include dem revisions. Have a good day.

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    • Now the revision:

      The Labor Department also said 49,000 fewer jobs were created in March and April than first expected.

      This cannot be, a leading economist on these boards assured us that dem road builing was going on. Maybe I was right, that he should have looked in the empty store fronts on dem roads. But you know good old rory, he looks at a single piece of info and draws all his conclusions from it. Looks like gold spiked $40 on this news.

      It is estimated that every job the Obama has created with stimulus, has a average cost of $3M per position. Spains unemployeement near 25% and their yout's (my cousin vinny) youths is over 50%.

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      • Obama's big mistake was using the stimulus to save state and county employee jobs and not creating or stimulating economic growth. Kjelly, Obama did not create jobs! He saved Government jobs for a short period of time. It caught up with local governments who are now laying off employees compounding the problem.

        The future is becoming more unclear. No place to put money. Inflation eroding principle. Nonreported and hidden inflation.

        Money is moving from Europe to safe havens like treasuries and that is a good thing. Politicians in Europe sit on their hands. Greece should be cut loose and then they will see what 3rd world poverty is like. Who would ever buy Drachmas or Greek bonds?