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  • kyjellie kyjellie Jul 23, 2012 9:30 PM Flag

    Parasite Liberals OT

    Liberals days maybe numbered. Read the whole article. Even if your not interested. I believe this would be a better country without liberals. JMHO. The sad part they usually kill the host.

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    • Right wingnuts still willing to be the pawns for the corporatacracy. Guess who has the highest standard of living in the world ...hint not the USA. The socialists you've been indoctrinated to fear the most-the swedish. Yes,they test far superior to us in public education (luckily they don't have to listen to anti-evolution halfwits),healthcare-higher quality and much lower cost(and they aren't stupid enough to subsidize HFC's),no homelessness and low unemployment,cleaner energy and environment,and they have much lower crime rate and less violence.Their socialism has proven to be far superior to our crony capitalism which benefits nobody I know. Kyjellie, if you aren't a billionaire,then you're just another pawn shilling for the Koch bros.

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      • You may want to read this about the Swedish version of Fascist.

        I guess the liberals answers is tax and spend it, to buy votes. You've destroyed this country. Look at Stockton CA, the liberals promised retirement at age 50 and 90% of your wages. Every 35 years the Liberals get control and it takes 35 years to forget the damages they cause.

        I have voted Independent for the past 30 years. So please don't put me in a liberal labeled box. I don't doubt that the Swedish test higher than our Public Schools produce. It wouldn't have anything to do with the liberal controled teachers unions? It is much easier to have some of these greener benefits, when you tax like the Swedish do. Instead we pay for all the ills of our society. I would wager that 90% of Swedes pay taxes, here in the USA, it's only 50%. Big difference. Read the article.

        As for stating they aren't stupid enough to subsidize HFC's, your right. I'm sure this was a conservatives idea in the USA. So how do you suggest we get rid of all the free loaders the liberals have working for them? I suggest we divide this country in half, I'll take the conservative side and you and your liberal party are welcome to take anyone that is not a conservative. You shape it anyway you want. Give them free health care, free cell phones, free medical and tax the chit out of them. Good luck.

        But under no circumstance will we allow you in the conservative USA. BTW we will keep our guns, to make sure, no liberal is welcome to destroy us again.

    • electrowing Jul 24, 2012 8:49 AM Flag

      This is an unpaid political message brought to you by he Bureau of Disinformation (BOD).

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