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  • kyjellie kyjellie Jul 29, 2012 1:42 PM Flag

    DOW OT

    First of rory it wasn't 4 years ago you played this B/S line. Everytimne you corner yourself, you think this is a way of wiggling out of it. So here are the rules, every post that you represented on this board has to match your Brokerage account. So you state your 80% in the markets on such a date it has to match, within a fractional reason of your net worth. If you stated you sold astx at 2.17 and 2.60 it has to match. If you stated you owned 80,000 of supg it has to match. If you bought at 1.61,2.38,2.60 they have to match the dates or a reasonable few days before posting.

    You will deliver to my choice of a attorney and once your $200k is confirmed, I will Match that $200K. You will sign a document stating unless your posts match the records, you loss the $200,000.00. I will begin going through your posts and dates. Please gather all your documentation and give me an address so my attorney can have you sign in advance on these conditions. You stated you have made money this should also be reflective in your statements.

    Do you want to make it $400,000.,00 and I will show that my posts match my accounts. My Supg originally, my Puts on Supg, my 50,000 shares at 1.25, my SLW profits, some of my silver positions. My Celg trades. My PFE buy. Everything I posted on this board has to match what I posted. I will even allow you to view my silver that I possess. In fact I will take your $200k or this $400K and buy additional silver with it. So you will know it went to worthy cause. I will just need your mailing address so we can get this started.

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    • First of rory it wasn't 4 years ago you played this B/S line

      Ok, give me the exact date ?

      So you state your 80% in the markets on such a date it has to match, within a fractional reason of your net worth.

      80% or greater, sure can do willywonka.

      again attorney name and bank acccount. Please have address and phone numbers to this person, I will check if the person is registered in there state. At this time you must inform lawyer of written items and sign letter stating facts and after reading them over I will agree. Also after everything is checkout I will open an escrow account in your city/state and they will later inform you of need amount. Just give me the name bubba. Please have contract written out from lawyer so he can send me a copy of legal contract. Your move bubba ?

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      • I got a feeling you will have every excuse in the book. You made the wager, you contact your choice of a Lawyer in the Daytona Beach area. I can drive over and discuss the matter with.

        This way you will feel comfortable with who you pick. The terms you need to discuss, will be a list of dates and posts that you made, have to match your Broker's account. You can provide him with your net worth at the time of the claim. You made the bet and I accept under the terms that all your posts must match. If any of them do not match you lose the $200,000.

        You like to throw these bets out there, you need to be prepared to follow through. I believe we should both be prepared to pay half the attorneys cost in advance and would both need to be comfortable with, the party being neutral. I suggest someone who is specializes in arbitration.

        You can tell him, that it would take me 7-10 days for me to sort through all your posts. That you lose if any of them do not match your claims. I do not want to play games here, rory. This way the lawyer would have your info and I could supply him with my info. This should be interesting.

        Give me a name of who you decide to use. I will share in his/her expenses. Explain to him, you made numerous claims on a messenge board and we want to verify them. If any of them are not validate, that your are prepared to forfeit $200,000. I also will also sign a simple document that states the escrow amount will be your's if all your post match your statements. We just start with the most recent claim of yours and move back one at a time to verify. Pretty simple. If you fail to have the info you lose or have to find it online. I will print out the posts and dates. You simple provide the Broker account statement verifying the buy or sell. I don't even need to see it, this way your life story remains with the attorney, they can just say it exists. As soon as one statement doesn't match, the session is over and the attorney will reward the amount. All taxes are the responsibility of the winning party.

        Give me a name of someone you trust in the area.

        Find a attorney you feel comfotable with. Since we are both paying for his service, he would be required to be neutral.

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